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Cheap Decorating Tricks To Freshen Up Your Home

Consider some of these very simple things you can do to free up space, organize, and improve your living space:

  • Remove clutter. It's hard to part with "things" we connect a memory too. But the rule is: if you don't use it, lose it.

  • Set up a budget when decorating. Decide what you like. What you can afford. Then meet in the middle.

  • Rearranging decor items to different locations throughout the home can breathe new life into a room.

  • Choose one room at a time when redecorating. Finish what you start and make sure you are truly happy with it before you move on.

  • Avoid just trying to fill empty space. Think about the function of the room. The movement within and plan your layout according.

  • When choosing a theme, don't over do it. You want decorations, not a small museum.

  • Start with a feature or an accent wall. Select a blank wall that is always visible and paint it a stand out shade to create a little contrast.

  • Create instant art by displaying large pieces of fabric, tapestries, and wooden dowels

  • Repurpose old furniture. Look for antique style fixtures and furniture at flea markets or yard sales in order to buy cheap and restore yourself.

  • Adding shelves above the toilet can be aesthetically pleasing and provide useful storage space.

  • Plants in the right places can cheaply add beauty to a home. Fresh cut flowers in the kitchen or a standing plant in the living room can bring in that natural element.

  • Create a natural look by incorporating local pebbles, stones, or pieces of driftwood. Place in a vase and there you have it!

  • Installing mirrors in the opposite of windows, doorways, or hallways can create an illusion of more space, especially in a small apartment.

  • Replacing lamp shades as opposed to entire lamps can be cost effective and practical.

  • Decorate according to your likes. Forget about who visits. You have to live here!  So make sure you are comfortable. Have fun. And when people come over. You can show them who you are. Just make sure you clean up first!

30 Sep 2015
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30 Sep 2015
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